Summer Elegance 

Slay your style with statement pieces💎



Crop shirt
3,695 INR –

Flare trousers

Steve Madden sandals
3,875 INR –

Leather crossbody handbag
15,505 INR –

Lip makeup
3,465 INR –



Slay your style with statement pieces💎

Slay your style with statement pieces💎
These are some of the best peices of the month, you 
can add a charm to your style game by styling any of
these pieces with either casual classics 
(white shirt/tshirt,jeans, tregging) or any thing with 
plain colours mainly neutrals ( white, black, beige,
gery or any complementing tints) . 
If you don’t have any of these and while on a 
shopping spree find anything similar don’t loose the
opportunity and grab one.



Dolce Gabbana snakeskin purse
201,165 INR –

Dolce&Gabbana pink earrings
107,145 INR –

Long necklace
5,910 INR –

Victoria Grant red hat
36,040 INR –

420 INR –