Coffee to RESOLVE

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This post is to help one of my friend,  as for celebrations have stopped and work is giving some emergency calls , so to get over the sickness and the scams that comes along .

Grab a coffee near a window see girls with shopping bags laughing out loud, couples drowned in each others eyes, people fighting, crying just wonder where you have come from and to where you wanna reach .

This thought helps introspect, let little things not hinder your innersole.

As COFFEE has caffeine which helps you to keep yourself energetic and fresh .

Nili Lotan jacket
88,305 INR –

Miss Selfridge jeans
6,135 INR –

Yves Saint Laurent suede ankle boots
54,180 INR –

BeiBaoBao beige backpack
3,800 INR –

Iphone case

MAC Cosmetics lipstick
1,160 INR –

KitchenAid small appliance
88,645 INR –

Black accent table
4,990 INR –

Patricia Nash Riot Rust Vinci Notebook
4,025 INR –

Metallic pen
1,635 INR –

Gold mug
820 INR –